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Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to Monday, Back to Blogger. May 10

Up with short sleep. Watched Lovely Bones last night....only because I already read the book ;) IF today.

Took a break from blogging- the first time in...idk 1.5-2 years? Food has been intuitive, but clean. I did have a watermelon sorbet last night at The Love Boat, however...for shame!!!

WOD: The Bear 3x10 @ 65. Def could have, maybe should have, but did not bump the weight up. Added a not so quick 1 mile run- 8 min.

Fork down- make that plastic spoon- at about 745PM.

IF 18hrs today. :)

salmon, egg, brocc, a red pepper, avocado

salmon, eggplant w. evoo

mahi, brocc, olives, few walnuts

all I could do to get the blocks back in today.

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