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Friday, June 18, 2010

FRIDAY. All smiles.

Up @ 445 with no alarm. Ugh. But OK.

egg, avocado

Did some max effort floor benches today- got back up to my 1RM @ 137. Added 70 db renegade rows @ 15lbs.

Came home to breakast, which my husband had ready for me :)
omelet with shrimp, asparagus, olives.

Went back to gym for OnRamp @ 9AM.

Errands around town, home to clean.

Lunch- salmon, salad with lemon, evoo, cuke, a red pepper. Had some coconut and 100% cacao nibs as a new try. Pretty tasty, but I want to find a diff kind of 100%.

shopping with Pauly :) he's such a lucky duck. ;) love love him.

few macs in costco, egg, and I think I love the coconut.

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  1. Rob wolf just posted this particular brand on FB "Pralus" its from france and they have a 100% bar they he says is pretty good... also world market by target has a 99% bar... and it isn't too bad :)