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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday. June 21

Not so good sleep last night.

Went in for ME (max effort) Deads today- decided to go with sumos. They felt very foreign to me! Got up to 225x1. Added some weighted GHD hypers with the 10lb plate.

Was able to catch E and Suzi doing Isabel this am- was cool to cheer them on! Good work ladies!

home to breakfast- poached eggs, asparagus, nuts and a few coconut 'cookies' that I made over the weekend. no sugar- eggs, coconut, 100% cacao nibs, vanilla. REAL GOOD.

lunch- salmon, brocc/cauli, olives

off to Dr. Mike's, then a few errands with the boy.
me and Pauly cleaned out the garage today. that it's done!

poached eggy, the last cookie, few olives

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