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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday is better than Monday. June 22

Up at 5AM with no alarm.

Go in for DE (dynamic effort) benches today. Decided to do my 8x3 with alternating grips within the set, no chains today, upped the weight to 95lbs. Felt good- but not easy. Added some JM Presses and really felt like I have gotten stronger at these, since I did them in sets of 10 this time, rather than 5's; then 50 pullups, some with a wide grip; then db rear delt flys on the SB. Whew! Tuesdays are long!

break- poached eggs, aspargus, coconut, bit of avocado, few olives.

Feel good today- but will be better manana as Miss Adrian comes over for a double. My life is GOOD people!! Every now and then I remember that!!! ;) THAT IS KEY.

Went back in for a OnRamp that did't show until 930, so had to write it off for the day. Oh, what it would be like if I 'overslept' until 9:05!!

Pauly and I are catching some QT today- headed to the Causeway for a bit o' sun. Snacked on red pepper and cuke, a bit of lunch meat (evil processed meat) ;)

lunch @ Jimmy Johns- here it goes: Beach Club, ex meat, sans cheese & mayo. Add peppers & dijon. Holy smoke it is good.

Small nap, snack of poached egg and coconut, few nuts.

Back to gym to MU practice w/ Sarina and Lindsey. Yeah, not much progress there.

Home to din of flounder. That's all I wanted. Added some dark and bit of ab.

Good day, for sure!!!

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