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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday June 23. Nancy, a year later.

Up way too early to be 'sleeping in' like I hoped for. Went in @ 8AM with Pauly for a change. He ended up at Dr. Mike's, tho~ he is beat up from Fran+20 :)

egg and nuts this am.

I checked my blog for my Nancy time to seems the last time we did her was exactly one year ago. Managed to PR today @ 13:33. This totally speaks to the benefits of building strength- it certainly is not my running @ about 12lbs heavier than last time. My runs felt (were) slow.

Home with the boy to breakfast. Poached eggs, brocc, blueberries, walnuts & macs. Out of coconut, must get more today.

Went to see MK at HP today- her surgery is tomorrow. She is in Rm 7709, in case you'd like to let her know you're thinking about her. She gets out Friday am, as of now. Gall bladder is coming out, it is full of stones. She has been in pain, but was in good shape today when we were there.

late lunch of salmon, eggplant, leftover brocc/cauli from breakfast. Some nuts.

Adrian is here for massages!! NICE!!

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