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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday :) June 24

Up at 530. few nuts before heading into gym.

DE Squats today, and they felt heavy! Work weight of 130lbs, with chains, speed drills, 10x2 at the :30. No joke, the chains. Went all the way down to 3 stacked 45's, which is about 10". Added 100 GHD sits and 125 GHD hypers. Started with some PT's, but my hip flexors suggested I hold off on those for the day, so I did.

Home to break with Pauly
4 poached eggs, broccoli, coconut.

Back to gym for OnRamp, a good day- the Press Progression and a WOD.

I just received some BEAUTIFUL 100% chocolate per RW's suggestion- after a waaaay failed attempt yesterday via UPS and our hot hot hot weather. Adrian can attest, it was a mess when I rec'd it yesterday....but today is another story, thanks to the shipper's most excellent customer service and my awesome UPS guy!! Victory!!!

t burger with avocado and mustard for lunch- I am totally out of veggies!

Went to HP to check on MK- she is out of surgery and doing great- home tomorrow.

home to 2 eggs (THANK YOU DIANE) and a bit of coconut & nuts

din- salmon, cauliflower

night night termites.

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