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Friday, June 25, 2010

FRIDAY!! June 25

Up at 5 today. Slept so-so.

Went into gym for ME Benches. Worked with the chains, got up to my 1RM, 137lbs. Total of 12 reps. Added some close grip benches and pull-ups for assistance work. Got to train beside Nacci today, so that was nice.

Had a bit of a fast going this am, so no break until later.

4 poached eggs, cauliflower, squash, walnuts, coconut.


Wow- don't know what's up, but just now hungry at 230PM. Made a salad with cuke and red pepper, lemon, celery seed, and these hemp hearts that I discovered today. They are yum in the tum, (taste like sunflower seeds) and per serving a source of 20g protein and 23g fat (O3, 6 &9). Sometimes when it's really hot I just don't feel like eating much. We'll see how these work for me. Obviously, I will try anything.

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  1. Nice to train next to you also. Thanks for sharing bench with me!