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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday~ my 2nd favorite day of the week

Up at 520 today with no alarm :) this is progress, people. an extra 40 minutes, I'll take it.

Did some DE Squats today. (dynamic effort). 10x2 @ 65% (130) on the :30. Then 100 pass throughs. OMG the pass thrus might suck.

Break- eggs over easy, brocc, avocado

Off to Ruskin today for a grower cookout at a customer's location. It is always a good one, but always hot hot hot. I had shrimp and salad, both prepped with more salt than I have had prolly in the last 3 months. Ugh. But whatcha gonna do? I kept it minimal.

Home about 3PM to chill with Pauly for a bit before he left for the gym. Bible study tonight. Let me know if you need a prayer!!

dinn- gf burgers :) sooo flipping good. lettuce wrapped, with a bit of onion, pickle, and mustard.