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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday June 16

Actually had to use my alarm today, so of course, it felt like I could have kept sleeping for hours. Up at 530.

Went into gym for GPP day, so I chose the DWOD.

On the minute, for 15: 1 PC @ 90%, 4 burpees. 90% = 120lbs. No misses. Added 1 mile run which I managed to keep sub 8, and my how things change, I was tickled to death. 7:43 on the run.

Packed my breakfast, had a picnic.
eggs, blueberries, a bit of cucumber, walnuts

Stayed on at the gym to help with 2 OnRamps. Finally home at 10AM to shower!! ugh.

half a t burger as a snack @ 10AM- will add to lunch

salmon, brocc, walnuts

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  1. cj...short for colby jack... a fav of mine... m trying to put a little on :)