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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday June 15~ with the fishes.

A special day- 'had' to take some customers out on a charter today- used our bud Chris Rush for a tarpon trip. Paul was able to join us today, so that was very cool- it was a 630AM start. I caught my first poon today! Such a rush!!! We were 4 for 6 today, mine was prolly about 100-120 lbs, took me 40 minutes to get him in. Will post pics soon. Fn killer WOD, that's all I'm saying. It is true- once you've caught one, you're done. No mo :)

Had good food on the boat, eggs, a bit of chicken, nuts, leftover veggies from last night, some fruit. Came home a crashed for a few hours, then into the gym about 530PM.

DE Bench day, so did wide grip 8x3 @ 65% with chains, every :30. Assist work was db extensions, weighted pulls, and bench db rear flys. It was nice to be in there at a different time/environment. I think I need to switch it up a bit more often, but we'll see!!

Pretty sure I am over on protein today, but it is all good.

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