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Monday, June 14, 2010


Hello to my friends and fellow Crossfitters~

I have been on quite the hiatus, in several ways. My training has changed, my lifestyle has changed. Things have been falling into place, I think. Today marks four weeks that I have been following the Westside Barbell Training program, thanks to Coach's suggestion and my general need for something new (READ: things fall into place for a reason). I have been a part of the CF family for three years now, and as much as I love it, I needed to switch things up- not only for my sanity, but also to help my lifts. There have been a few sticking points that have been my nemesis for a long time now...say a year or slightly more? Westside focuses on skills and drills for the Bench, Deadlift, and Back Squat. You don't actually perform a lot of these lifts like in usual CF style- but you do skill work in these areas to develop strength.

Today kicks off week five, and here is what has happened since Day 1:
NOTE: not all of this is strictly due to WB, but most is! Plus, the addition of a weight belt has not hurt matters. I do not know why I waited so long to get one. Hear this: I never thought I would be a belt girl!

Deadlift PR @ 250lbs
Bench PR @ 137lbs
Back Squat PR @ 200lbs

Believe me, I am not bragging, because I know plenty of girls at CFFM that are hitting these numbers for reps- and to them, I bow down! But for me, these numbers are a big thing. I have been stuck at the 180-190lb range for both deads and squats for over a year. I know that my training and a change in diet have enabled this to happen.

My food has been clean, sans the few more cheats than I have ever allowed myself (READ: lifestyle change). I am pretty low carb currently, 3-4B~ but not afraid to up that when I want. Fat intake has been more freestyle, hence, probably the main reason for my weight gain. I go in & out of counting fats like a hawk and then, not so much. I still struggle a slight bit with body comp some days- but for the most part, it has become a waaaay more acceptable trait for now. It seems I am constantly 'undoing' all kinds of brain training- it takes a bit of 'life' to adjust to changes.

I have turned off my alarm clock (lifestyle change) in an effort to get a few more zzzzz's...I am still working on that hat trick- but can at least get to 5AM usually now.

I only IF once a week these days- this seems to work fine for now, not interfering with my lifting so far. I like to IF on Mondays- in case it has been a 'good' weekend, if you are feeling me. I am not sure if IFing at this rate is truly a benefit, but it makes me feel better in my noggin, and I am ALL for that!

So it has been about a month 'off' of the blogging and usual CF lifestyle. I'm still here, ready to talk about it! It may not be daily exact food measurements
and WODs, but it will be something.

This morning went like this:

I have learned that for my 1RMs, I need as little warm up as possible. I tend to 'blow' it pretty fast when I go with lots of building sets.

1 @ bar
1 @ 95
1 @ 135
1 @ 155
1 @ 175
1 @ 190PR
1 @ 195
1 @ 200. Seven reps for the day. Added the usual core work after. Another thing I do like about WB is the daily core and other drills work, as well as the Wednesday GPP day, meaning I can do a regular WOD- even make one up if I want- athlete's choice. That is groovy.

IF a bit over 19hrs today.

salmon, egg, brocc, walnuts. avocado.

t burg, brocc, nuts