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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday!! Happy Day July 30

Up at 4AM. Can't help it.

egg, walnuts

WOD: Feran: AMRAP 15: Row 250, 15 press, 15 good mornings. I used 55lbs for the presses and 45lbs for the GM's. I got 3 rds plus a row. Not sure if I should have upped the presses (rxd was 45), but I am glad I did. (what?) I hope tomorrow goes OK!! The last time I did GM's @ 45lbs I was pretty wrecked for a few days, so hope I recover a bit faster this time. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit concerned about the HERO WOD tomorrow~ but I have to remember to pace~ that tends to be the more challenging thing at times; some days it's a non-issue! Decided to call it after this WOD to rest up for tomorrow.

break- 3 eggs, 1 c. mixed berries w/ cinnamon, walnuts.

t burger, 2 red pepper, pickle, mustard, avocado. standard. few more nuts, walnuts and macs.

Needing a nap today! Going to a hen party tonight, gonna have to exit early given my most desired first heat time! :) :)

egg, walnuts

din at a circle group party- steak, salad, veggies. bit of fruit. home to 90% and walnuts, a bit heavy on that this time!


  1. Thanks for the post sister. Yeah I guess talking to myself and posting what I eat helps me stay focused. So I'm back:) Good job today and good luck tomorrow. Go at your own pace and I know you'll do great! You'll have to catch me up at the party. See you then!!!

  2. You'll be fine tomorrow, Ms. Sarah. Periodically talk to yourself, and force yourself to take an extra pause here and there. At least you won't be running in the heat. :)

    Your body absolutely will not lead you astray. Even if you push a little "too hard," you will feel the effects before anyone else, if you get my drift. ;)

    I don't place much weight in conventional wisdom, either. Take caffeine: we consistently read that ladies who wish to conceive or have conceived need to stop or curb caffeine intake. always remember the target audience: the average american. most people drink a soda or 2 or more per day, have 2 or more cups of coffee, take aspirin w/ caffeine, etc., so you are fine. much much better than fine, in fact. you are making good choices.

    when the semester ends i will type up my findings from the exercising while preg. book. is most reassuring. however, there's nothing wrong with being extra cautious and slowing down a bit, i.e., lifting less weight, avoiding exercising in the intense heat, etc. i know i will be cautious, at least initially. remember: you already have made it past two major milestones. REJOICE!!!! all is super well.

    thank you for the prayers. i need them. am in worry mode. blarg.