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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday July 29. Baby Isabel and some OHS

Up at 315AM. Ugh.

egg, avocado

WOD: Baby Isabel: 30 Hang Power Snatches @ 45: I went @ 53, took me about 6:20. Need to work on my elbows. Added 30 OHS: 2x10 @ 53, 1x10 @ 63. Felt good to be under the bar today. I have decided to go with what feels good. Talking to JBrod helped today, using his paramedic advice as to what my body can do. It was cool to watch the 1RMs going on this am, too.

Well, now: I am going with what most women knew already: a cup a day is OK. Had my first 'almost full' cup of coffee today in ages...probably 6 months or more? I don't think it will be everyday, we'll see...but it was good today. Eight O' Clock is yum.

2 eggs, tried the leftover salmon from last night (but I could not take it), 1/2 banana, small bowl (about 3/4c total) of mixed berries w. cinn, avocado, a bit of ab. Finished the 2 bananas! Taking a break for now ;)

Is it a bit of a stretch to call Chelsea Clinton's wedding 'royal'? Please. The media these days, I swear.

And, my boobs these days. wow. yikes. All I'm sayin'.

lunch w a friend at Chilis- had bunless burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado and mustard. Side of brocc that I'm fairly sure had butter on it.

egg and nuts for snack

din @ Jason's Deli- salad bar w/ side of chicken. Saw Brod there who gets the exact same thing!

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  1. Yay for big boobies! ;) Talk to Kristin about what her Dr. said about exercise -- all good news. :)