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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Metcon Wednesday July 28

Up at 450.

egg, some avocado.

WOD: Row, walk, or run 1500-5000m. Here is a nice change of pace, and a good test to see what my bod can take. Started out rowing 1500m, about 2:05 avg split. Then ran/walked 2 miles, made it more of a sprint/walk session about 2/3 of the way through- took me 22+ minutes, row 500m @ just over 2:00 split, and ran/walked the remaining 600m, didn't keep time on that one. Felt good, definitely was drenched after it was over. Will be interesting to see if I recover as usual, or if recovery becomes more of an issue. Total 5000m.

Can I just say again that I am loving 6AM these days? Lots of energy in there today! Great to have Liz back!

boogied out of there after stretching as I had to make an eggy run for breakfast.

eggs, 1/2 banana w/ about 4B ab, small bowl of mixed straw/blueberries w/ cinnamon, walnuts.

Feel great right now :)

lunch- salmon and a salad; spinach, iceberg, cuke, red pepper, olives, lemon. Added a few walnuts.

eggy, 3 strawberries, nuts, bite of Pauly's Canadian Bacon. Good.

nuts to satisfy.

not too hungry for din. a few bites of salmon and about 4-5 pcs of asparagus. but somehow managed 90% and ab.

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