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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday July 27. Sgt. Roy, a NFM HERO

Up at 520AM. :)


Props to CFMom for posting another HERO WOD today- this one being named for Marine Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, from North Fort Myers, FL killed on July 8,2009. He leaves behind his wife Amy, and three children Michael, Landon, and Olivia.

LOVE LOVE LOVE having so many there at 6AM to train with!! And way to go to Eleina for going RXD on pullups for the first time!!!! Suzi, you are next girl!!

WOD: Roy: 5 rds: KB DLs @ 32k, 10 box jumps, 10 pull ups. About 18:26. I did the jumps today rather than step ups.

Well, I am 8 weeks today, and so far, I love being pregnant! (subject to change ;)) My biggest thing so far has been: am I doing enough in the gym? I find myself going in & out of being apprehensive and intimidated so that I don't push it too far (i.e. it took me a while to get in this condition, and I am NOT a spring chicken;)), and then saying, 'listen to your body, it will tell you what is too much'...and that concept is def what I see A LOT of on the CFM site as well as other places. I realize now that I prolly could have gone Rxd on a few things, like the last HERO, and that I prolly could have pushed a bit more in my daily CFM WODs....I will say I have felt quite spent for the most part, post WOD. Some days I just feel a bit more energized than others. I do want to start incorporating more upper body lifts, the press and PP, for sure. I think for the rest of the first tri, I will take it a day at a time, REALLY listen to my bod, and do what feels good. The main thing is the intensity has to change for now. If I start talking to myself in a WOD these days, I'm not losing it~ I'm doing a little self check!

My hands are a bit bothersome right now, as I have been on the bar quite a bit lately. They are close to tearing and super tender- so I see major taping in my future for Saturday. Ugh.

Within the last week, he has gone from blueberry size to the size of a kidney bean, losing his little tail and his arms and legs are taking on more form. AMAZING!!

breakfast: eggs, about 1/4 banana with ab, mixed blueberries and strawberries with cinnamon, walnuts.

lunch- t burg with red pepper, mustard, a bit of broccoli. Funny how I used to eat tons of broccoli, now cannot hardly take it.

egg and walnuts, macs for snack

din- lettuce wrapped fish tacos! a new fav- mahi, olives, bit of salsa and greek yogo, onion, avocado. delicious!!!

90% and ab :) :)

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  1. Sarah: Yes, good energy at 6am and thanks for the encouragement - it felt good to accomplish a goal today.

    Also, I loooove your new blog, the design is great and how nice to hear about your pregnancy adventure ... We love having baby wonderful in the Gym too!