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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday already! July 21

Up at 330, then 530. Not the best rest in the world, but I will take it.

egg, walnuts

WOD: 7 rds: 7 HPC w/ 25lb db's, 7 push ups. Went curb on the push ups. 8 min and change. So great to have MK back!! And thank goodness the gym was better attended today, it gets boring when it's just me & J! (no offense, J) ;)

Home to breakfast- eggs, grapefruit, walnuts. Done with the grapefruit for a bit.

Went back in for an OnRamp @ 9AM with Dion, a real cool cat. Lots of peeps there at 9AM also!

Errands this am, then home to work in my office. I am so blessed in my job, having slower days in the summer to travel and get office work done.

Lunch- t burg, a red pepper, pickle, mustard, avocado, salad.

din- GF burgers :) lettuce wrapped w. mustard, pickle, avocado, and a skoch of Greek yogurt. Stellar.

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  1. Love your new picture!!! Congrats to you and Paul!