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Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Monday Aug 9

Had a great weekend in Gainesville with my mother. Paul and I went to Florida Field Sat am to join an old high school friend and his wife for some 'fun' called Gator Mountain...3 rds of stadiums with some other stuff in between. No joke. It was GREAT to be there, in the stadium...cannot wait until Gameday!!! After that I did treat myself to some most excellent Mexican food at Mexico Lindo~ salad with chicken & salsa & guac, and plenty of chips. Evil corn, but gluten free, at least.

Today~ up at 454AM. :)

egg, walnuts

WOD: 3 rds: 10 hang to anyway OH @ 65, run 200m. 7:20. Added presses: 3x5 @ 65, 2x5 @ 70.

Home to eat: t burg, spinach, walnuts

Feeling great today.

Work in office this am.

lunch of salmon, broccoli, few bites of my mother's marinated veggies, sooo good.

ab @ 230PM.

egg @ 4PM

vaccination talk @ 630PM.

din at Jason's- salad bar with 3 hb eggs. home to 90% and walnuts.
I just confessed to Paul that I think about the 90% during the day now. He said that was OK :):) Notice I said 'think'....I have actually indulged once so far- daytime darkness.

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