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Friday, August 6, 2010

Can you say FRIDAY??? Aug 6

Not good sleep last night- up at 430, then laid back down, up @ 520AM.

It is Friday!!! And I am going to Gainesville :)

WOD: Jaxyn: 21-15-9: OHS @ 65, ring dips, T2B. Ok, well, if there's any preggo out there that thinks this one is 'not enough', they are smoking their lunch. (you know what I mean) 26:08. All I'm sayin'. This one took me twice as long as Josh. Limiting factor? Ring dips.

O.M.G. my husband. you gotta love him. there was a brief moment this am where I wanted to choke him. I got past it. again, all I am sayin'.

home to eat- 3 eggs, grapes, avocado, few walnuts, 1 cup coffee :)

lunch- t burg, red pepper, avocado.

1/2 apple @ 4PM.

din was Jimmy John's on the way to G'Ville :)
turkey unwich sans cheese and mayo, with mustard, peppers, and extra guac. HEAVEN.

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  1. I think we all want to choke our husbands at some point for a brief moment............then we get past it as you did, 'cause they really are great!