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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5 already. Thursday to boot!

Up at 5AM :) Slept good. A true gift, yes?

WOD: 3 rds: Row 500, 20 box jumps, 15 good mornings @ 45, 10 KB DLs @ 70lb. A good one today, each round avg about 7 minutes. Time 21:47. Drenched when I was done. I felt a bit sluggish today, like I needed to pace myself a bit more. Totally listened to that cue.

Home to eat with Mr. Markle- 3 eggs, a WHOLE apple (what??), walnuts. Allowing myself fruit these days, and so digging that. Fruit is my PB&J, for the time being ;)

So last night, during Modern Family (the only thing OTHER THAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL we will sit down and schedule in to watch) we are in a frenzy looking for the remote to the bedroom TV (yes, we are some of those folks who break the karma rule). To make matters worse I try to adjust the TV volume during this process and change the channel instead, so now it's snow, with no remote. Bed is demolished, drawers opened, flashlight under the get the idea. Paul then walks out and comes back with it- victory. It was on top of the refrigerator. Ever have one of those experiences? Felt the need to share that today.

In a much better place today- multiple reasons for that. God is good. Talked to Him last night about a few things, and He must have worked on me while I slept :) :) :) Love that.

Headed up to G'ville tomorrow after work to see my mama- I haven't seen her since we learned of the little peanut, so this should be good. Plus, it's August....and do you know what happens the first Saturday in freaking September????? Can I get a...??? GOOOO GATORS!!!!!!

lunch- leftover GF burger, red pepper, few spears of asparagus, avocado

315PM- a square of 100% French. Because I can.

Din at Jason's- salad bar w/ hb eggs. Added a bit of hummus tonight- CRAZY KID.

Home to 100% and ab. :) this will not be deterred.

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  1. Glad you are in a better place my friend. Thanks for the shout outs on the OH squats. No matter how much I tune everything out, I can always hear your support....THANKS!!