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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Aug 4

Slept till 525. :)

egg, walnuts- the usual

A better disposition today. :):)

WOD: AMRAP 10: 6 HPC @ 65, 12 pull ups, 24 jump rope. OK, in the first rd, I did the singles, and I felt and looked like a flicto- I guess my brain is programmed to do DUs, and I could not even get 24 singles out straight! The brain and the feet were not working in tandem ;) So I did DUs, just paid attention to my heart rate. Got 3 rds in the 10min, then added an extra rd. Hardest thing today was the pull ups since my hands are still tender from Josh- whodathunkit?

breakfast today: 3 eggs, 1/2 c blueberries, asparagus, ab.

Headed up to Manatee Co today to see a customer.

lunch at Beef's: grilled chix salad, sans cheese; vinegar. Oil was not evoo, chose out.

So now it is 330PM and I am starving, just getting home.
egg, celery and ab.

Costco for goods.

Dr. Mike's with the boy.

din before Adrian gets here to give Pauly a 'sage:
GF BURGERS :) :) :) with the fixins: lettuce wrapped, onion, mustard, avocado. Oh snap.

100% French and ab for dessert :)

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