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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17. Metcon Tuesday

Up at 535AM :) :) First solid night of sleep in a while.

eggy, butter, few walnuts

WOD: Walk, run or row 2500-3000m. Rowed 1500m and ran a mile. 3100m total. Row was 6:08.8 and did not time run :)

home to eat: 3 eggs in butter, handful blueberries, walnuts

11 weeks today! Almost through the first tri :) He is bigger than a prune, about 1.5" long~ the length of a book of matches. (I prefer the food references!)

lunchola- part of a leftover gf burger, egg, asparagus, avocado, a red pepper. WINNER.

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  1. 11 wks! Yea :) I prefer the food references too, they make me laugh! I'm going to the kitchen right now to find food that is the same size as the matches, lol!