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Friday, August 13, 2010

FRIDAY! :) Aug 13

Up at about 330, laid there, got up at 415AM. Me and Peanut.

egg, walnuts

WOD: Baby Annie: 30-20-10 DU's and KTE's. It was great having another CFMom there to train with today! Kristin joined us at 6AM today. 9:23

Home to eat:
3 eggs, last of the strawberries/blueberries w. cinn, ab.

Feeling great today. But it is quiet here at home with Pauly being gone. :(

The Gator Club KickOff Party is tonight at Shoeless Joe's. I am heading up decorating at 1PM. Lots to get done between now and then- need a pedi, but I don't see that happening today.

lunch- salmon and a salad, avocado, evoo

2 eggs before the event

at the event: 4 meatballs, 2 chicken wings, raw veggies, sourkraut. weird, I know.

home to 99% and ab.

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