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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday with Coe, another Florida HERO~ Aug 12

Up at 250AM, then finally fell asleep, up at 520AM.

egg, ab.

WOD: 'Coe': 5 rds: 10 thrusters @ 65, 10 ring push ups. I subbed PP for the thrusters~ I am not feeling too sporty today. 14:26.

home to eat with Pauly before he leaves for Orlando for the weekend-
3 eggs, straw/blueberries w. cinn, walnuts, 1 cup coffee.

lunch- t burg, salad w. red pepper and scallions, lemon & EVOO, avocado, celery w. ab.

work in the office

went in to cover for Coach tonight- took a hb egg with me :)

home to eat
salmon, brocc, walnuts

99% and ab

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  1. OMG I just realized I forgot to ask you about your conversation!! Sounds like it went good:) Let's catch up tomorrow.
    Single girl for the weekend aye??? If you are bored you could always join me for the CF test on sunday...Just sayin! Have a great day!!!