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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend :) Tyler and home alone

Tyler today. Well, I found my comfort level in that we all scaled it, well, except for Josh :) I decided to not even 'go there' with any type of MU progression; pulls and dips were going to be it. Dips were on the GHD, which I loved. Used the 55lb KB for the SDLPs- I have my reasons. ;) Scaled my reps, but was not consistent with that for some reason. Reps were 14-18, (21 the first rd) as I felt like it~ talk about doing what you want! Thank you Coach for the gracious scaling today :)

Am home alone, this sucks- just me & Peanut, who does not talk much.

eggs, apple, celery and ab. I have quite the taste for ab these days- need to watch that.

Think I am going to grab some Vit D. GF beef for din!!! :) :) :)

lunch- lettuce wrapped mahi tacos

din- cooked some gf beef, mixed with steamed brocc and cauli- my own Beef & Broccoli. SO GOOD.

99% and ab

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