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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday :) September 24

Up at the usual- about 450AM.

no snack today.

Rest day for CFMom, I wonder if she will post a preggo FGB tomorrow?  MK and I did Mobility WODs this morning, and they are not all that fun.  The best one was the fire hydrant, yes?  So glad we are all friends, since both of us looked like we we in stirrups, on our knees....take that for a visual!

Home to breakfast with Mr. Markle-
4 eggs, spinach salad with raspberries, few bites of apple and banana with ab, walnuts.

We close on our new house today!! BIG page turner, and we are excited :) but also not looking forward to the move....which will be happening over the next few weeks/weekends.  Alabama game has been set for 8PM, so that's all good, just need to make sure Direct TV is ready to roll!

Not all that excited for FGB, although not NEAR as anxious about it as in years past.  I seem (hope) to have turned the page on all of that, and now smile to myself as I watch others go through it! (no offense, but it is amusing, now that it's NOT ME)...been there, done that. Over it.  My plan for FGB5 is to just do what I can do, at a pace that works for me, trying to get a few words out on occasion.  My body will tell me when enough is enough. Such a relief to be able to approach it that way.

t burger, red pepper, avocado, bit of cuke, celery and ab

din- Pauly made gf meatballs :) :) :) sooo good.  meatballs, marinara, asparagus, bit of parm as a cheat treat.  little bit of red wine :)

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