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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22...October cometh.

Up at 440AM.  Do I dare say that although I am still waking up pretty early each day, I feel my quality of sleep has been pretty solid....? Don't want to jinx it, so, I did not just say that out loud.

egg, walnuts this am, because I just looked at today's WOD...

WOD: from the Main site: 18 lunges, 18 pull ups, 18 box jumps @ 20", 18 DUs, 18 dips (GHD), 9 KTE, 18 one arm KBS @ 12k, 9 KTE, 18 HPC @ 20lb DBs, 18 GMs @ 45 bar, 18 WBS @ 14lbs, 6 ropes.  Besides the fact that I had to keep the WOD list in front of me to keep it all straight, it wasn't too bad.  CFMom's rope climbs are pretty beginner, so I alternated with our ropes~ 2 straight climbs and 3 knotted climbs. 25:03.  I am sore from the GMs yesterday, and today's WOD will only add to it.

Should be an interesting FGB on Saturday...curious to see how preggo FGB works out for me.  Look at it this way, my counter will have a easy go of it!!

Got sleepy this am, a while before breakfast....
4 eggs, spinach salad with lemon, nutmeg,  bit of sea salt, strawberries, walnuts.

So, yesterday I went in for my 16wk appt.  First off, I gained 3lbs this month (I see this as 'only'), so I was pretty pleased with that.  I am at 13lbs gained overall, 3lbs over the 'usual' for the first half of pregnancy, which is still 4 weeks out.  My midwife is not worried about it, she says that the weight gain issue is more a marker for nutrition than anything else, and I think I'm got that covered ;)

But: something that has been on my mind is the glucose test which preggos have to take as a marker for gestational diabetes, at about 26wks.  It is a test where you have to drink straight glucose (read: sugar syrup) and wait an hour to see how your body processes the disgusting crap. If you do not 'pass the test' at a satisfactory level within the hour, you must then do it again in a 3 hr time frame. (midwife admits it is a "bullshit test"). I AM DIRECTLY OPPOSED TO THIS. I make it a daily commitment (LIFETIME) to not put that shit in my body, why would I do it for some cockamamey test??  Due to my age and family history (diabetic dad), I will have to do it, she says. But, rather than drink the disgusting mess, my midwife has agreed to let me come in on a fast, pull blood, go eat a meal, and come back and pull blood.  I have spoken to Robb Wolf and Chrissy Gower about it- RW calls it complete BS- that I should just go run a A1c and be done with it.  I am not sure I can make that fly with my MW at this point. At least there can be SOME nutritional value from a meal.  I call major BS on all of it.

lunch with a customer at a Pizza Hut. Not my call!
salad with few veggies, vinegar, & sunflower seeds and 4 meatballs.  Meatballs were suspect, but they were hot.  My guess is they were full of bread, so we'll see how my gut feels in a bit.  That was about the best I could do. Ugh.

2 eggs at 3PM, walnuts

din at Pizza Fusion with friends :)


  1. You are probably still gaining muscle with those CRAZY workouts you have been doing. Gosh you can still run circles around my butt!!! Keep up the great work Sarah and I wouldn't drink that crap either...yuck!!

  2. What are they going to do, put you in jail if you refuse the test? Last time I checked, patients had the right to refuse any test or treatment. Or maybe the MW won't keep you as her patient if you don't do it? What would change in your care/monitoring if the results of the test indicated risk for gestational diabetes? I honestly don't know, but perhaps she could explain. In other words, is it what I call a "yeh by golly" test, which is a test done to gain information but which does not change treatment at all. At least you have the option of nixing the sugar and opting for a real meal instead!