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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday and I am 16 weeks! September 21

Up at 525AM :) although it was a bit spotty through the night. I stayed up to watch The Event and I guess it disturbed me a bit! Pauly was down at the Doggies, so I was a bit of a fraidy cat.  I am blaming hormones ;)

no snack this am

WOD: 'Baby Michael': 3 rds: Run 600m, 20 GM's @ 45, 20 KTEs.  A good one. I am trying to improve my running endurance, and this means slowing down and controlling my breathing so that I can make it through! The KTEs are getting a bit tougher, as I am feeling my lower belly begin to be a bit of an impediment (small yay :)) 22:30.

A while ago I took notice of a Phoenix CF Main Lev 2 Trainer (Alicia Kowalewski) who blogged her CF pregnancy/WODs, etc and I made a copy of her WODs from 16wks forward.  They are pretty stout. I am contemplating working a few in each week in lieu of the CFMom WODs~ I guess we'll see how that goes.  For the most part, the CFMom WODs have been all I can handle or want to handle...and hey, you know what? I have to realize also that I am not the biggest CF bad ass there is in town, either!!  There was a day where that would have crushed my ego, but alas...a few years later, it just does not seem to matter as much.  My higher purpose these days is trumping anything else.
(wow- I am quite the philosopher this morning) ;)

4 eggs, eggplant.
I was way short on protein yesterday. Got to make sure I get it in today.  I also realize that fruit and nut fats have been my path to what probably is a few extra pounds of weight gain these first few months~ I am wondering if that will come up in my appointment this morning.  There are times when I feel entitled- this is usually the way issues get out of hand! Preggo or not, I am not entitled to anything!!  You still have to watch it!

He is about the size of an avocado, 4.5" long, about 3.5oz.  In the next few weeks, his weight will double and he will add inches to his height.  He is growing toenails and his heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day.

lunch with Pauly at Sonny's: beef and salad bar. 2 small wedges of watermelon :)

celery and ab at 230PM

OnRamp today with Natasha

salmon, grilled zucch and asparagus, 90% and ab

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  1. 16 weeks yeah!!!!! Should be smooth sailing from here Sarah... when do we find out if it actually is a "he"?