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Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Morning All~ Happy Monday September 20

Up at 449 :)

bit of banana and few walnuts (out of eggys this morning- must go to store after class)

WOD: 'Charlotte': Run 200m, 20 lunges, 200m, 20 KTE, 200m, 20 push ups, 200m.  A short one today, 8:22. I added an extra 400m and 10 more push ups~ did not really feel like doing much today.

4 eggs, about 1/4c grapes, same of broccoli, piece of banana w/ ab, walnuts.  Smorgsabord.

t burg, spinach salad w/ lemon, avocado

egg, nuts

din- evoo roasted bruss sprouts.  Did not want any protein tonight for some reason.

Preggo yoga at 7PM :)

home to 90% and ab. shame on me, I did not eat the salmon at din.

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  1. I miss seeing you too! How's the little bambino doing?