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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Monday! Sept 13

Up at 330AM then 5AM.  I'll take it I guess.

few grapes and ab

WOD: Mackenzie':  5 rds: 10 med Ball Power Cleans @ 14lbs, row 250m, 10 push ups.  Did curbs, best I could on the mats in the back room.  17:07.  Of all dang things, this was a repeat WOD and I did it back on July 17- did not write my time down the first time.  Oh well- another reminder that time shouldn't matter these days.

home to eat- 3 eggs, spinach salad w/ lemon, raspberries, walnuts.  Bit of apple and ab.

WebEx Call today. Ugh. But the last one for a while.

lunch with Pauly today. :) :) :)  t burg, sourkraut (sp) w/ Crystal, avocado

2 eggs for snack, macs

Gator Club meeting, then was supposed to go to preggo yoga.  Gator Club went into 730PM, so skipped yoga and came home to eat din.  Managed to have some EVIL EVIL peanuts at the meeting. Perfect.

din- salmon, spinach w/ lemon, sea salt, nutmeg, Crystal~ a thing of beauty.

Watched the first half of the Ravens game before turning it off and starting a new book.

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