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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Sept 14.

Up quite a bit through the night since someone decided to have pizza at the weekly poker game.

egg, walnuts

WOD: 'Yonatan': 3 rds: 15 lunges (both), 200m farmers' walk @ 20's, 15 WBS @ 14lbs.  13:39.  Not too bad today.  Added presses: 5 @ 33, 5 @ 53, 2x5 @ 63, 3x5 @ 68.

My boss is in town today and tomorrow......that's like, 'YAY!! Burpees!!'

4 eggs, raspberries, walnuts.

lunch- salad with chicken, fresh lime, guac.

home to eggy and nuts

din at Changs with my boss and Pauly: ginger chicken, easy sauce. delish.

home to 90% and ab, more than my fair share.

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