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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Sept 15- Chris Rainey, you are an idiot.

Slept till 5AM.

Got up, did not feel like a WOD. So, I didn't.  What a concept.

breakfast with Pauly: 4 scrambled eggys, asparagus, few walnuts

off to work a bit early today, the last day with my boss in town.  Meetings in Immokalee.

lunch- salad w/ beef, no cheese. fresh lime, guac, salsa.  Drop boss off :)  Love him, but it's always great when it's over!

home to celery and ab.

Facial at 230 today. Treat to myself (don't misunderstand, this treat happens about every 10-14 days!).

Will likely catch the 9x 1:1 CFE with Pauly this evening

1/2 apple, bit of ab and coconut..

Nice din at home with my mister.  Date 'at home' night!! :) :)

Did the CFE. Pauly got 1.5mi, I was behind him, basically walking to catch up to him on my minute rest.  Not as bad as I thought-

din- mahi, cauli, avocado.  90% and ab.

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