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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday!! September 16 already.

Up at 330, then 520AM.

few bites of apple.

Rest day for CFMoms, but I wanted to make up Baby Kelly.

WOD: 'Baby Kelly': 3 rds: run 400m, 20 box jumps @ 20", 20 WBS @ 14.  17:36.  Runs felt good, and I felt up to the jumps rather than step ups today, so... all good.  I flipped back in my book and checked my old Kelly time, back in February....let's just say that today is a new day!! She took me only 6 minutes more doing it Rxd than today's preggo version. Holy cats!! All good.  Like MK and I were joking around this morning: time to move on! No future in the past, that is for sure!! :)

home to eat: 4 scrambled eggs w/ bit of pastured butter, asparagus, few walnuts.

Feel great today, plenty of wonderful things in my life to be so thankful for!! :)

Well, little peanut is now the size of an apple! About 4.5" long, weighing in at about 2.5 oz.  His (again, our gut feeling, better than saying 'it') ears are locked in place, legs are longer than the arms, and he is doing all kinds of gymnastics in there, although I haven't felt anything yet.  That should be kicking in (no pun) pretty soon.... :):):)  I get to hear his clippety clop heart beat whenever I want, pretty much every other day. Good stuff.

lunch- t burg, red pepper, avocado.  Pauly just came by to say hello and first thing goes for an apple- I know what that means- ab. :) shared an apple and ab with him, still such a treat!

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  1. Ohh Apple size... you could hold him in your hand!!!! Will be good to see you sometime soon too Mama Sarah :)