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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holy Smoke I am slow today.

Up at 530 :)

WOD: 'Ryan': 3 rds: 14 pull ups, 14 dips, 21 burpees.  It was all good until the burpees.  I really felt a difference with those today, slow and heavy- did all 21 in Rd 1- got back to the burpees for Rd  2, and noticed some cramping, so slowed down, did 14.  Then I had to take a break! Once they went away, got back on the bar.  I did finish Rd 3 with 14 more burpees, but they were pretty slow, and not much jumping. I think my body just told me to take it easy.  21:23ish.  I stopped the clock for about 6 minutes in the middle...

4 eggs, pear-apple.  We are out of nuts :)  Must shop today after work.

Got the baby's room painted last night.  I asked Paul if he liked the color- and he said: "Well, it's kind of neutral."  Ummmm, yes~ it is NEUTRAL because A. we are not 100% sure who is in there and B. regardless of who is in there it will not be pink or blue.  Got to love that boy.  In case you're wondering, it's somewhere between celery and sage.....

I have a product manager in town from the home office doing a ride along today with me- once that is over today it's back to the house for more painting fun.

lunch- greek salad sans feta with 3 meatballs & marinara.  Also had some of an appetizer of: hb egg cooked in a piece of sausage...pretty yummy.

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