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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29. Rain and a move.

Up at 535AM.  Pretty good sleep, altho I did wake up about an hour into it screaming with a night terror.  Poor Pauly- it scares us both half to death.  Then I feel bad for possibly waking the neighbors and freaking them out.  These used to happen when I was a kid, not so much over the last years- but usually brought on by stress or exhaustion.  I was a bit agitated and cagey when I went down last night, thinking about work, moving and how exactly it's all going to work, 'are we going to be able to afford everything now?', etc etc.....this is the second one since I've been pregnant.

few bites of apple and walnuts this am.

WOD: 'Jack': 20 min AMRAP: 10 PP @ 65, 10 1-arm KBS @ 12k, 10 box jumps @ 20".  Got 8 rds.  Pretty straight forward. Not sure how much longer I will be able to box jump, but I am glad I am still doing them now!  Did not feel like I had much juice this morning.

4 eggs, spinach, less than 1B apple, few walnuts and ab, handful grapes.

There have been days when I just do not want to eat as much protein, I will come in at about 8-9B.  I am still pretty low carb all in all, I'd say <50g daily, maybe 50-60g some days- with 1-3B being fruit~ quite the indulgence for me.  I do get plenty of fat.  This morning, I made myself eat the spinach because I felt like I needed to- it was not what I wanted to eat.  I do wonder at times if little monkey is getting what he needs.  I feel great for the most part, but lately have been having some headaches, usually late in the day, and am a bit worried if this is caused by my nutrition.  I may bring it up with my MW.

t burg, red pepper, asparagus, celery and ab, avocado

home to 2 eggys.

painting at the new house tonight  :) but :/

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  1. I am not going to tell you not to worry Mama Sarah... cuz I know you... but it will all out... you will make it through the move (I speak from much experience here!)... have faith my friend and let me know if you need any help... I know I told you when I gave you the boxes and stuff I said don't call me for the move but seriously if you need any help I will be there for you :)