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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Sept 28..where has September gone?

Up at 340AM. Ugh.

Lots on my mind- we are planning on moving this weekend, and I am not sure how it's all going to go down.  I look at my house now and realize we are no where near ready, but I guess what I need to remember is that we are not in a rush, so, it will happen.  New carpet, re-grout, touch up paint, switching all the services over....then moving....ugh, BUT excited and very blessed.  Keep it real, self.  Also, our pastor had to put her dog down yesterday~ it's just her and her dog~ so my heart is breaking for her today.  Made her a fruit basket this morning (the beauty of being up and out the door by 530AM, and a 24hr grocery) and hope it will comfort her today.

egg, walnuts

Rest day for CFMoms, but went in anyway (of course, come on).  I wanted to make up Death by Pull Ups from Sunday.
Assumed I'd get into double digits, actually thought I'd get to 15.  The beauty of my life these days is that I am forever being served some Humble Pie.  Got 10 rds, plus 7 pulls.  Total of 62.  Added a mile run, make that a 10:17 mile run.  Another slice.

We've got quite a bit of rain headed our way. Perfect moving conditions! Should be outta here by the weekend, let's hope.  Just in time for a very likely beat down by the Tide.  I am preparing myself NOW.

Home to eat with the baby daddy.
3 scrambled, eggplant, few walnuts.

few bites of some yummy-but-oh-so-dirty chicken salad that Pauly got from Renee's, a slice+the core of apple (I always eat the core), home to celery and ab. NOT the clean Paleo lunch I planned on having.  I'd like to get some spinach down today- little monkey man in there needs some, me thinx.

red pepper, egg, few walnuts

rabbit for din :) (I do NOT think about this) but I really like to eat it.

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