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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday!!! and Oct 1. Gators take on Bama~

Up early. 330AM.

eggy, nuts

WOD: 'Ashton':  5 rds: 200m farmers' walk @ 20's, 10 hang muscle snatches @ 45, 10 lunges.  Pretty good one, I think we have done it before...22:13.  Added 30 OHS @ 45.

Dr. Mike's for an adjustment.

breakfast- 3 scrambled, walnuts....not sure yet if anything else.  no, nothing else.

lunch- t burg, red pepper, asparagus, nuts

handful grapes, walnuts, macs- not really at the same time- over the course of several hours.

gf meatballs for din :) :) :)

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