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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The 27th of! All the little goblins are getting ready!

Up at 545AM.

Workout buddy (Jeff) to show at 6AM.  I chose from the list of travel WODs:

5 rds: run 200m, 10 SDLHP @ 20k and/or 45 bar, 10 squats.  Since my Garmin was really slow on the draw, we got started. Our 200m were more like 150m once it kicked in and I got to measure it out.

Meeting starts at 730AM today, but it's a half day- I get a preggo massage at 1230PM and Pauly is coming out tonight to hang with my work peeps (& me!).  It's college night, so we all are to wear our alma mater's stuff- good times. The group is eating pizza, I am picking up wings from the Lazy.  Last night din was at The Green Flash- pretty good.

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