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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday!! October 29. Halloween Weekend :)

Up at 520AM.

So glad to be home! Came home to flowers- he is such a good husband :)  Last night the group had dinner at Sanibel Steak House- it was great.  My team presented me with a signed card and some Babys-R-Us gift cards- I got emotional! That was awesome.

WOD: AMRAP 15: 10 WBS @ 14, 10 KTE, 10 GMs @ 45.  I did mostly T2B, with a few KTE's mixed in.  Got 5 rds plus 2 GMs.  Great way to end the week.  Looking forward to the video shoot in the morning! :)

Also looking forward to a great weekend of football, rest, and Tricky Treats.

3 hb eggs, nuts

pedi and Target for a Friday morning~ beautiful!!

lunch- turkey burger reuben. A yummy new concoction.  T burger with Bubbie's kraut, and made a sauce of spicy mustard, Annie's organic ketchup, and Crystal sauce. Not too shabby.  I have been coveting Jason's turkey reuben on gluten free bread for a while now, trying to keep from eating it...thinking this may hold me over...had a sq of Godiva 85% (not as good as Lindt, imo) and some ab as a midday treat.

Also going to try some Paleo Coconut Shrimp tonight for din.  Will try to post the recipe. We are watching Friday Night Lights (am loving the new DVR). Pauly goes, "let's watch it tonight, since it's Friday Night". Perfect! (it airs on Wednesdays)

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