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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13. Looking for the Weekend.

Up at 620AM.  Not a solid night of sleep, though.

WOD: 5 rds: 10 WBS @ 14, 10 dips, 10 pull ups.  Did body weight dips on the GHD for the first 2 rds, then had to go to the paralettes (which I am rather bummed about) for the rest.  Pull ups are still Rxd, but take me a bit longer since they are in sets of 2-3.  Took me about 20:46.  It is truly a different day, folks.

Wow, I am cranky today.  Need to ask for extra help today :)

3 eggs, steamed veggies w/ evoo, few grapes, few nuts

I wish I had a camera this morning when I saw Brian, Bob, and Coach doing today's Mobility WOD.  All three on their backs, with feet on the wall in a squat....if you are getting the visual....and also the sound effects....priceless.

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