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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday October 12. Tired.

Up at 535AM.  I feel like I just slept for days.  Went down a bit late due to MNF.  Pauly played poker, so I usually don't really get to good sleep until he gets home.

few bites of banana and few walnuts

WOD: did my own thing today, since CFMom called for Burgener Warm Up and Snatch drills.  I chose into rowing and running: 3x 500m row, 3x400m run.  There was a little bit of walking tossed in there.  I am tired today and tried to listen to my body.

3 eggs, steamed veggies with evoo, few bites of apple, few walnuts.

Headed up to Manatee County today.  Get to close out Natasha's OnRamps tonight at 6PM.

FRUIT REPORT:  19wks today.  Well, he's an heirloom tomato this week.  About 6" long, weighing in at 8.5oz.  His hair is sprouting, his arms and legs are finally in the correct proportion to each other, and his brain is designating all of the senses.  Am anxiously waiting to feel him move!!

lunch at Uncle Nick's in Parrish: salad and meatballs with marinara. heaven.

home to celery and ab.

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  1. He? She? Glad to hear "it's" healthy!!! The movement will probobly feel like gas LOL!