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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday!! November 5 and it feels great!

Up at 4AM, then 530AM.

WOD: 'Stella': 7 rds: 7 pull ups, 7 OHS @ 65.  I liked this one.  14:52.  Love me some OHS.

Stopped off at the store to get eggs :)

breakfast with the baby daddy- hamburger omelet, 2 small FLA Hamlins :), handful walnuts,  my one cup of coffee today :)

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! and enjoy the weather!!

OK, so we had din at Tony Sacco's last night and ran into Rob and Kristin :) :)  When we pulled up, there was Christmas music playing outside on the speakers!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I have the directions to your house in my car I have just been so busy! I plan on stopping by to see your bar before I make any decisions. I have a tree in my driveway that is perfect for Wall-Balls so I may go the route you did if it works on my garage. I will call before stopping by to make sure you are home and it is a good time... I need to check out the "baby girl bump" too :)