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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday~ Thanksgiving Week

Up from 3-4AM~ bad dream...then up at 520AM.

It was a jam packed weekend, ending with early Thanksgiving at church last night- all the while getting packed for 6 days away from home.  I am excited to see my family and be together for Thanksgiving, but I am sad to leave Peanut Markle.  I am such a sap these days.

handful almonds this am and a few bites of apple

WOD: today was a skills day, so I made up Saturday's WOD, and SO TICKLED to see Mariel this morning!!!
'Nehla': 21-15-9: step ups, DLs @ 95, pull ups.  Boy, the pulls are getting slow! I really felt a difference today in my ability to generate momentum- could be the added 23lbs.....yowsa.  Took me 20:15 to do a 21-15-9!!!!

We leave shortly to drive to Destin, picking up my mama in Gainesville.  Paul and I are popping in to CF Ft. Walton Beach on Wednesday to catch a WOD there~ good times!  See you Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you~ may we all be reminded of how blessed life really is for all of us!

break- 3 eggs, orange, nuts

For the record, the fruit chart -to the right- I thought it was a cute thing to put on here, but I am way over baby girl being a papaya.  I *think* she changes tomorrow at 25wks, but.....really? Papaya for 4wks? Stop it.


  1. Yes I am blessed to have such true friends that care so very much about me and my happiness :) I have the best of both worlds family and friends... so many people are not that fortunate and I am very THANKFUL (an appropriate week for Thanks right?!) Have a great week... when you return Jane will be Mrs. Bigelow!!!!!

  2. Have a blast! Hope you and Pauly enjoyed your massages!