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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Monday! January 24

Great weekend with Paul's family on Captiva, and then our home last night for football.  Crazy, but great!

Slept in a bit since we were up late.  Will go in with him at 5PM today.

WOD: will be: row or run 3x800m.  Rather run than row.

Well, 34 weeks tomorrow! Down to the single digits now.  Still feeling good overall, had some swelling in my left foot over the weekend, but nothing too major and it seems to have gone away now- just concerned me because it was the first time it persisted through the night until morning. Am keeping an eye on it.  Focusing on the nursery these days, got the bedding in the crib, the chandelier is up.  Announcements and christening invites ordered- love LJ & LuLu's!!

Lunch with a girlfriend/business comrade today at McG Cafe- one of my favorite spots.

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