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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25 already!

Up at 5AM.  Decent sleep, went down early, but Pauly woke me up when he got home from poker.  Almost was a screamer~ I was konked out and he accidentally spooked me...we both hate it when that happens ;)

handful walnuts

WOD: 3 rds: 12 pull ups, 12 dips (paralette), 25 squats.  14:48.

eggpplant w/ curry and walnuts.  eggs soon.

34 weeks today.  Appointment with my MW today.  As a friend said last night at yoga, so close, but yet, so far away....kinda. Edema completely gone.  Baby girl is growing like mad now, half a pound per week.  Have been focusing on getting my protein, fish oil and  calcium in as these things help to prevent toxemia...also have switched to a DHA heavy fish oil per Robb Wolf- gotta make baby girl highly intelligent and keep those baby blues away!!  Def feeling more movement up high, and getting to see the 'belly wave'- when it looks like she's doing yoga in there and we can watch my belly move~ VERY cool.  Def one of the perks of being preggs.

lunch was a t burger, brocc, avocado, red pepper

shake at 330PM.

Appt went well today- one more to go in two weeks, then they are weekly.... :)

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