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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday...aaahhhh...January 27

Whew! Am tired these days....did not post yesterday, slept in and ran at home- did the 3x800m the best I could.  Still, I am taken aback at how much my metcon is suffering these days, being pregnant.  I can get the first 400 out with a solid 'run' (even this is snail pace)....but the 800 takes some walking to get it done.  Even yet, I figured my neighbors were thinking I am pretty nuts.  People definitely do not get that pregnant women are not all of a sudden helpless and capable of lifting ANY weight or moving in a fashion other than walking...pretty funny.

Watched Friday Night Lights last night with the mister, we love that show.  Down to the last three episodes ever.  Also finally downloaded some hypnobirthing exercises and music onto my iPod so that I can listen as I go to bed....tempest is fugiting, as my mother says.

For today: Thursday~

Up at 550AM.  Went down a little late.

WOD: 'Baby Holbrook': 10 rds: 5 thrusters @ 65, 5 pull ups, run 100m.  Rest 2min btw rds.  No time today.

First off, CFMom made a shout out looking for preggo pictures, so this morning I enlisted the peeps' help in taking some pull up shots of me- that took about 15-20 pull ups to get done (not too smart on my part ;))....and I am not sure that many of them even turned out! :O Will check that out later.  So, I was def warmed up today.  Thrusters were easy, pulls were OK, but I def started to fatigue about rd 7 or so...

Home to eat- eggys, strawberries, walnuts, coffee

So sleepy this morning.

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