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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8. 36 weeks today!! Yowsa.

Up at 520AM

about 1/2B apple this morning before going in- wanted to make her move :)

WOD: 15 minutes: 5 press @ 65, 10 KTE, 15 med ball cleans @ 14lbs.  4 rds.  Felt good to use my legs after the 100 WBS yesterday.

home to eat with the baby dad.
scrambled eggys with Aidelle's chicken sausage (some good stuff right there),  more apple, handful walnuts.

SO: 36 weeks today (read: 4 weeks to go!!) Holy cats, I am about to have a baby.  I go in today for my '36 week' appointment, and now starts the weeklies.  It is about to happen, folks.  I do hope she is on time and does not stretch this out, but....I will take what she gives me.  Am digging the new HypBirth exercises (a little different from the hypnobirthing classes we took at Baby Love) I just got- doing those daily to get ready.  Packing 'the bags', also- one for her, one for us...and a food bag to boot!!  Totally loving our choice to go with Baby Love Birth Center...I get to eat what I want, wear what I want, deliver how I's all about what WE want as parents.  What a novel freaking concept.

Jimmy John's for lunch :) beach club unwich, sans mayo.

shake at 4PM

salmon, zucchini, avocado, 90% and ab

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