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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday January 20- Like it or not, Change.

Up with not as solid sleep as I'd like, but OK- COFFEE and chicken and walnuts.

WOD: DL's x BW, then DU's like this: 21-18-15-12-9 on the DL's, then 50-40-30-20-10 on the DU's. So, nothing like having your BW up there on the board, right? I know one person who supports me on that one! ;) Came down to this: 75 DL's at 135lbs, with some bad ass DU's. I felt like my form on the DL's was pretty good, with the tight core, flat back, and keeping the bar close, so that was a win for me! My bw has gone up, about 10lbs. I am working on being OK with that- it's a process.

Breakfast- 3 hb eggs, eggplant, greens smoothie, walnuts.
3-2-9. All I could eat.

Lunch(Sonny's)- salad bar with turkey. Salad was lovely, meat was salty. Added olives for some fat, then walnuts. On the road, so limited on rations...
3-1-12. best guess....

little snacky at 3PM, walnuts.

Getting ready for the cold tonight....with Wed night to be colder. I will pray for my farmers tonight! Best case scenario is that what damage may be incurred will bump the market which has been in the gutter.

snack- chicken, walnuts.

din- jason's deli- salad bar with chicken, guac, packed nuts.

I am over salads with chicken! Mercy.



  1. Good job today Sarah and don't fret the weight gain its not FAT its MUSCLE which should be obvious to you because you don't look any bigger but you are stronger!!! Yeah its working, its working, its working!!!

  2. Nice DU's this morning girl. I"ll have to stay after a few days to catch up on those, they are still killin me!!