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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday is COLD. January 21

Up and coffee. no snack.

WOD: Jackie: Row 1000m, 50 thrusters @ 45lbs, 30 pull ups. Did not finish sub 11, so a little disappointed. Row got me as usual, when I start with it, it bites me! Need to do a little remedial work on my pull ups. Extra work: 30 ring dips. Way to be MK for the nice finish!

Breakfast: 3 hb eggs, pear w/ cinnamon & walnuts.

ENOUGH with the dress, 10 balls, flubbed vows, etc etc etc already.

Lunch- salad with chicken, avacado, few nuts.

snack- chicken and walnuts

din- salmon, cauli, bruss sprouts, avacado, walnuts and 1 square of yummy dark choc!


  1. Hey girl you too! Strong on the ring dips, nice work!

  2. Yes I agree ENOUGH already. I hope your farmers are doing ok going to be another rough night tonite but will keep em in my prayers. Super work today... yet again!