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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kelly. Holy Crap.

Decent sleep, coffee and snack

WOD: Kelly: 5 rds of: run 400, 30 jumps (24"), 30 WBS (2olbs). Oh what a difference 6lbs makes! My WBS really sucked today. I had about 4-5 do overs, the ball was hitting me in the head, my center of grav was 'off'....etc etc. Not my best effort, so, I will punish myself with making a few of those up. BIG Thank you to MK for helping me get through this one...yeah girl-

Scarfed down some salmon and sw pots on the way home from gym- no time to picnic with my buddy today.

Back to office after waaay long meeting all AM. Famished.
3-2-9. chicken, veggies, cado.

added in nuts from breakfast


Whew! is it Friday yet? That was a bitch of a triple.


11-6-36 will have last protein now.


  1. Right on girl. I am whipped I'm telling you. I am feeling the affects of the past few weeks. It has caught up with me. OVERTRAINED and TIRED AS HELL! I'll have to do some coffee this afternoon or something. I can't wait for the light weeks:)

  2. Both you and MK beat up from Kelly? Now I am really scared!

  3. Awesome job today on rx'd, now you will be using the 20 for good! Kelly is a bitch!