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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday already!

Up with skinny sleep. So glad to have Pauly home for a few days before we leave again Friday AM. God is good.

egg, pecans

WOD: 'Fives': AMRAP 20: Run 200, 5 burps, 5 pull ups. Go up by 5's each round. Completed 5 rds, then got the run and 5 burps. Good push this am, 6AM continues to kick it like playahs. Little bit of Murph residual on the hands got a little polished off.

3 egg omelet with shrooms, onion, spinach. red pepper & avocado on side. few pecans, greens shake.

egg, chicken on salad, a small peach (ooooooh shame!), salsa, almonds.

kind of slipped with some peppadews (YES FINALLY FOUND SOME IN FLORIDA!!!), few blue cheese olives, few cashews....we went to Fresh Market!!!!!!

egg for protein to cap off the FM slip.

dinner was mahi and veggie kabobs on the grill. did not add any fat. except for a few walnuts.

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